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Sunday, 2 April 2017

A Simple Three-Step Sunday Facial

sunday facial
Sunday's, for me, are all about keeping things slow, simple and unhurried. After a lazy Sunday spent pottering, reading or binging on Gilmore Girls, I don't normally feel up to doing a full on, multi-product facial routine.
Although, I do still like to pamper - really taking my time with each product, slowly massaging, working it in, whilst still keep things straightforward - using just three choice picks to help my tired skin!

Starting with the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, I luxuriously take two pumps (normally one pump is ample, but it is a Sunday after all!) and massage it into my skin - making sure to smooth it all over my face and neck. The dreamy, pink turkish delight scented gel melts into a silky oil as you work it in - the pumpkin enzymes deep cleansing whilst the vitamins restore and soften. After adding a little water it emulsifies and turns milky, then using a damp cloth - one of these, I gently wipe away the cleanser, revealing smooth, radiant, silky soft skin!

Next, (normally whilst enjoying a long Lush bath!) I like to apply a face mask. Lately, I've been suffering with dehydrated, blemish prone skin and so having tested out a sample of the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask, I'm smitten and planning on saving for the full version asap!
If my skin's feeling congested, then the Origins Clear Improvement is my top choice, an active charcoal mask it helps to bring out impurities for clearer skin.
Lastly, a great all rounder - the Lush The Sacred Truth is a heavenly pick, packed full of nutrients with exfoliating papaya and nourishing honey, it's ideal!

The last step in my pampering line up is combining a luxe oil with a Jade Facial Roller - a dreamy pairing!
I take either the Pai BioRegenerate Oil - a divine rosehip oil that works to deeply condition, fade acne scarring and promote clear skin (it leaves skin glowing!). Or the Oskia Restoration oil*, which is a heavenly, suits-all oil designed to hydrate, even out skintone, restore vitality and improve elasticity. Smoothing the oil all over the skin, I take the Jade Roller and sweep in an outwards motion working away from the nose - following this tutorial. Together they leave skin pampered and soft - the oil plus roller works so well to combat lacklustre skin!

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