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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

An April To Do List

Oh April, a month awash with the whirring of lawnmowers, pavements lined with pink petals and if your a pluviophile like me - anticipating the potential downpours ahead with glee.

1. Another great month for celestial views, Jupiter is at is brightest - and best of the year on April 7th. I'm also hoping to spot the pink full moon on the 11th - despite it not actually being particularly pink, I'd love to catch a glimpse!

2. Have a huge beauty clear out. Something I like to do once a year is to schedule a weekend to pull out all my picks and rifle through my stash - throwing out any expired products, passing on pre-loved items and only keeping the things that I love and use often.

3. Save. This month I'm planning on saving as much as I can - spending less on the little things that all seem to add up. I'm hoping to make planned, investment buys - really thinking about each item with no frivolous or impulse splurges this month!

4. ...Planned purchases like this beautiful blush bag. It's wedding season appropriate, the gold detailing is classic, timeless and as my everyday bag is years old now and has seen better days - It's perfect! Plus, there's a 25% off code (with free delivery) when you sign up to H&M's newsletter!

5. Take advantage of any cosy, rainy days this month. Light candles, bake fruit crumbles, drink hot teas and make huge batches of chilli, lentil ragu or soup to freeze and then reheat for quick, healthy meals in the milder months ahead!

6. Make these chocoloately, caramel, rice crispy cakes over Easter - they're so simple, and divine!

7. Start saving for a new Macbook - it would be the dream to own one! I'm so torn between gold or rose gold, they're both so pretty!

8. Pull out my favourite coral blushers for spring - I can't wait to start wearing the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blusher in Diffused Heat again!  

9. Take a long week off over Easter - catch up on Netflix shows, take a trip to Ikea to checkout their cactus selection and maybe book a cinema trip to see Beauty and the Beast!

10. Cut down on sugar - ok maybe I'll save this one until after Easter! But I'm hoping to make a few changes in late April - making my granola instead of buying it, snacking on apples sprinkled with cinnamon instead of sugar loaded oat bars and cutting back on chocolate after the Easter break!

What's on your to do list this April?

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