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Monday, 5 June 2017

A June To Do List

1. Vote. I believe that it's SO important to vote this month. Understanding policies and basic politics is something that's becoming increasingly important - vital to learn about. I've found tons of information online, even discussions on social media to be a real help (and this is from someone who previously, a few or so years back had little to no clue!). Hannah's post is well worth a read and links to a quiz that helps to match your views with the parties policies if your unsure who to give your vote to, also Fiona's post is a great read if it's your first time voting (or if you need a recap!).

2. Have a hair refresh - a well needed chop, at home colour and intensive masks for swishy, fresh hair. I'm also planning on investing in a few cute clips and pins to throw it up on the muggy summer days. Love this star clip, this gold set is also beautiful!

3. Find a few storage solutions for all my bits and bobs scattered round the flat. I'm on the lookout for cute pots, holders and trays, I adore this dreamy palm leaf dish, this cute wooden box too!

4. Take time for a little self care this month - the summer blues always hit me around this time of the year. I'm planning on allocating time out to read, watch gilmore girls, eat fresh healthy foods and study!

5. Have a desk shake up - I've already started the process, ordering new stationary and clearing out the clutter. I found a lovely wire memo board thanks to Becky! I'm gathering trinkets and prints for inspiration as I work, and adding my new stationery pieces to jot down notes and ideas.

6. Find a big, gorgeous chunk of rose quartz.

7.  Check out the strawberry minimoon (the smallest full moon!) on the 8th-9th and try to spot Saturn right alongside it!

8. Plan a little summer getaway, maybe to Scotland - to see the scenery and escape to somewhere cooler, quieter where I can read, explore and take some time out.

9. Kickstart the wedding planning process again - with the hopes of booking a date next year!

10. Try to resist...or fail and splurge on the Becca X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette - It's so pretty!

What's on your to do list this month?


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