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Sunday, 30 July 2017

A Gentle Routine For When You're Feeling Under The Weather.

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Lately I've been feeling a little under the weather, possibly attributed to the blazing heatwaves then plummeting temperatures we've had this summer. My flat's temperature has flitted up and down, I've gone from living on ice creams and salads to making hearty, warming soups and stews. And I've been feeling a little worse off for it all! 

I've been adding little lifts to pick me up again, along with adding lot's of plant-based meals to my weekly plan to boost my immune system! Here's a few go-to's, a routine that instantly makes me feel a lot better!

There's something that feels so lovely - special about lighting scented candles, they're such a treat! A warm glow that lifts spirits, they're a must-have for me when I'm feeling under the weather. I recommend Diptyque Vanille, with sweet, woody accents and a hint of spice and smoke it's divine. Or Diptyque Baies, if you prefer something verdant, fruity and enchanting!

Glossy Nails
Whether it's a cheery red polish like Essie Apertif, a timeless classic red, a sparkling pick like Essie A Cut Above or a firm favourite, a glossy mani can instantly pick you up. I've been reaching for Essie Eternal Optimist, (my current fave!) a flattering, spiced tea rose that makes me smile every time I look at my nails!
After a fresh mani, I like to slick on some cuticle butter (Lush Lemony Flutter smells divine and is full of nourishing oils!) and pop on Netflix!

Is there anything better than getting lost in a series when you're trying to recoup?
Gilmore Girls is always a winner, Once Upon a Time is another fave - ideal for disney fans! I've also really been enjoying Shadowhunters - after the slight wobble of a first series, the second series has really picked up - I'm absolutely hooked!

Pot's of Tea
Another fail-safe mood booster is to brew up a pot of comforting tea. I adore Pukka Teas, Blackcurrant Beauty is a new fave, with rosehip, blackcurrant, orange and beetroot it helps you to glow from the inside out. Yogi teas have a great Throat Comfort tea - it's soothing and somehow silky - coating and protecting your throat with a comforting blend.

Bubble Baths, Lavender Lotions
Sliding into a hot bath, brimming with lavish lush treats is ideal - to sooth aching muscles, switch off and lift wearied spirits. If I'm feeling run down then I either opt for Intergalactic - a glittering treat filled with peppermint, or The Comforter, a lovely bubble bar with an enveloping fragrance - sweet cassis, uplifting bergamot and relaxing Cypress oil, it's heavenly! 

Next, slather on the Lush Sleepy lotion, a skin-softening cream with cocobutter, oats and calming lavender over the skin to help you drift off to sleep!

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