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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Mid Year Goals

Each July I like to pull together a list of small and (hopefully!) achievable goals for the last half of the year. Here's 10 small goals that I'm aiming to complete before 2018!

1. Buy our wedding rings!

2. Finish knitting a cosy blanket ready for autumn - then, with gold thread, sew in a tapestry of the stars.

3. Take bigger steps towards a wholly vegan diet. After watching What The Health and Cowspiracy, (on Netflix, both well worth a watch!) I'm fully committed to making healthier changes in my diet, opting for more whole foods, vegetables and cutting out dairy products. With sticky notes and a pen in hand, I'm planning on flicking through my cookbooks to mark out pages for meal inspiration!

4. Find a healthy balance with social media. Lately I've really stepped away from social media, posting less frequently on twitter and on instagram. I'm sure it'll pick back up again in autumn/winter (as I'm often more inspired during these months!) but I really want to find a good balance. I feel kind of lost with it at the moment!

5. Fill my phone camera roll with memories, moments and snapshots.

6. Add mustard accents or deep emerald velvets to my living room. Two colours that I've fallen for recently! Starting off with something small like cushion covers - I love this mustard one, this quilted pick, this simple velvet one too!

7. Find a new signature scent, for everyday wear. Possibly Diptyque Eau Duelle, or one of the Stella McCartney fragrances!

8. Learn something new, something to do with botany, astrology or crystals.

9. Make plans for autumn - from craving pumpkins, watching the fireworks outside to making new traditions!

10. Stick to a fitness routine - a little cardio everyday, a few weights and getting out and about as much as I can! 

What do you think of my half year goals? Have you made any this year?

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