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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Five Beauty Accessories To Try

When it comes to beauty tools, gadgets and accessories I'm quite ruthless with my picks! I don't often introduce new things into my routine, instead sticking faithfully to and repurchasing my most trusted items. But lately, I've introduced a few new things into my routine, along with a couple of re-discoveries, so I thought that I would share five accessories I have on trial right now!

Zoeva 101 Brush - This is the latest addition to my collection, a gorgeous make up brush for powder/contour. I've tried (and loved!) the eyeshadow brushes but this is my first face brush from Zoeva. As with all their brushes, the aesthetic is beautiful, even the box it arrives in is dreamy! It feels luxurious, there's a good weight to the brush, the bristles are fairly dense and it holds it's shape well. It's tapered so that if applying a face powder, it sweeps easily over contours of the face, blending seamlessly, and if used to apply contour - it fits neatly into the hollows of the cheeks. It's my ideal size for powdering, instead of using a large, sweeping brush to powder the whole face, this is great for precision - spot powdering, my forehead, chin, nose and under my eyes, leaving my cheeks (which can get quite dry) to remain dewy and powder free! (Also available here too!)

Jade Roller - I fell for the Jade roller last winter, but it's been left aside this summer. Previously, I used it as more of a winter-skin booster, an addition to my routine on cosy pamper evening's - after a bath, with silky oils and whilst watching Netflix. With the weather channelling autumn vibes I picked it back up again, and I'm not sure why I ever dropped it from my routine - it's love!
Great to massage and tone, remove toxin build up, assist lymph drainage and even out skintone, it  also stimulates collagen, improves circulation and helps to lift and revive dull skin. I certainly notice a difference when using this! I've been using it every other day and always use in a sweeping, outwards motion - I've been following this tutorial!

Spectrum A05 Brush - I cannot get over just how beautiful this vegan brush is! Aside from the pretty look, it's super soft and picks up pigmented powders well. I'll be using this to apply my blusher - I've paired it with my current fave Sleek Pixie Pink today and it applied beautifully!
It's vegan, tapered and can be used for contour, highlight, powder or blusher! I got mine in this month's birchbox, but the pink/blue version is now available here at boots too!

Nars Sharpener - This handy little sharpener is the ideal size for sharpening my lip and eye pencils. The addition of the little stick inside to clean and clear sharpening shards is amazing, genius! A good sharpener is an essential for lip pencil lovers, the Nars one cuts well and doesn't seem to waste much product - It's been handy to sharpen my Nyx Jumbo Eyeliner too - for a quick tip I pop my creamy lip and liner pencils in the freezer for about 10 mins before sharpening them to minimise damage/help them to sharpen!

Invisibobble - These handy little bands don't leave kinks in your hair and so are great for on the go, or whilst getting ready, so that you can throw up your hair without worrying about ruining your style!
They also help prevent split ends, can be easily washed clean, and they come in an array of cute colours. I picked up this pack, but I may have to pick up the nude ones, I love these mint ones too!
There are pros and cons with these, I have quite a lot of hair and they can get tangled up in the ends when sliding the band out. Also, they do stretch (like most bands do!) - but this is easily remedied by popping them in the sun, or hot water and they contract and shrink again!

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