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Sunday, 29 October 2017

13 Things To Do This Halloween

1. Carve pumpkins - or if you've a small flat like me, carve small squash. I'm hoping to opt for a small pumpkin or sweet lightening squash this year, ideal to pop on my kitchen side, with a small tealight flickering inside.

2. Binge watch the new season of Stranger Things, in a fangirl Topshop tee and with multicoloured fairylights strung around the home!

3. Pop on a pair of sparkly cat ears

4. ...and a halloween playlist, whilst you whip up some ghostly cupcakes, skeleton gingerbread men or slime-green mint sorbet!

5. Or don starry pyjamas, and watch Harry Potter, a scary film, or Hotel Transylvania.

6. Have an at home pamper night - a sparkling pumpkin Lush bath by candlelight, slather on Glossier's dreamy Moon Mask and listen to the first part of The Book Of Dust.

7. Paint on a creepy mani, or opt for a glittering vampy pick - try Essie's Wicked with a slick of glitter.

8. Work your way through a pile of spooky reads, Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, The Night Circus or Harry potter!

9. Pick up this cute space make up bag to store your fake blood, fangs and glitters in until next year!

10. Have a fit-for-Hogwarts Halloween feast. With pumpkin pasties, ravioli or pies, toffee apples, goblets of hot chocolate, and sweets galore!

11. Gather up all of the delicious Halloween sweets for Trick or Treaters  - and then eat most of it yourself when no-one turns up (every.single.year.)!

12. Snap up a spooky buy, they often start to go in the sales at Halloween! (Here's my halloween wishlist!)

13. Decorate your home with pumpkins, star garlands and cobwebs for the occasion!

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