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Sunday, 15 October 2017

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Oh October, the month of Halloween. The crisp, misty morning's that require spiced porridge and plenty of hot tea, the darker, gloomier evenings a-whirl with leaves under the heavy harvest moon. 

What I've been doing...
I've donned starry pyjamas, pulled out pumpkins, festive decor and indulged in sparkling Lush baths. I've splurged on new skincare - from Glossier (!! - here's 10% off your first order too!) for the colder season. I'm already tempted to make another order, at this rate my bathroom shelves will be filled with this dreamy new-to-the-uk brand!
It's the perfect season to wrap up in blankets, read books and make plans. Gather crystals, fairylights, and opt for vampy shades to paint on your lips and your nails.

...and Wearing
Each year, I pick out a few Halloween-esque shades, Essie Sole Mate, Nyx Copenhagen and I've been adoring the Illamasqua eyeshadow in Jubilance, a gorgeous metallic rose gold eyeshadow with silver sparkles, buttery soft and pigmented it's a go-to for me in autumn!

For style, I've loved autumnal textures and hues, a-line skirts, squashy soft scarves and simple embellishments, like this rose quartz necklace, this cute bee pin*. Also, ankle boots, glittery socks and at night, cosy pyjamas!

sunlight through trees

Getting Outside
I've also enjoyed stepping outside to admire the changing leaves, to pick up ingredients to bake cinnamon apple crumbles or just to walk and get some fresh air. I've been taking snaps wherever I go - autumn really is the most beautiful season!

2018 diary

At Home
Aside from adding blankets, pumpkins, fairylights, I've been making plans - for the rest of the year, the months are passing so quickly! I've been jotting down notes, plans in my diary in the hopes that I can continue to stay productive this year!
I've also snapped up my 2018 diary, to jot down a few things to look forward to next year!

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