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Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Changes I've Made In Prep For A Cosier, Happier Winter

how to keep happy in winter

Increased Home Comforts
Considering the fact that I spent the most part of winter snuggled up inside, I've made a few changes to my home, increasing comforts and making it a cosier place to huddle up in!
Investing in a warm dressing gown is a must, a hot water bottle too for those chilly nights.
A hot chocolate Oatly is always a welcoming treat, poured in a cute mug it's just the ticket on a gloomy weekend.
I've also added more light to my home, stringing up fairylights and scattering candles for those darker evenings. It really is the little things when the weather turns icy and grey!

Switched up my bedtime routine
The colder, harsher month's are the ideal time to rest and recharge - to steal a few more moments in bed, try moving your bedtime forward 10 minutes or so.
Mist fresh sheets with a deep sleep pillow spray, tuck under a hot water bottle and slather your skin with Sleepy Body lotion before you slip into a cosy set of pyjamas (how cute is this set?!).
I've been trying to minimise my screen time before bed - placing my phone to the side and switching on an audio book for 15 minutes!

Noting Down Wintertime Moments and Activities To Enjoy
Visiting Christmas markets, Lush trips to stock up on my festive lush faves, decorating the home and baking comfort food - simmering stews, hot apple crumbles and puff pastry pies that bubble over with sticky caramel - delish!
Wrapping up warm chunky knits, then braving the rain to go for a long winter's walk.
Coming home from the bitter cold to hot chocolate, candles and fairylights.
Having a list of my favourite things helps me to stay happy and focused on the positives - plus it's great to have a list close to hand full of acivities to do on those rainy winter days.

Made More Time For Myself.
By planning ahead! I've started to plan ahead for December as there's so much to squash into one month - decorating, films, visiting family, festive markets, Christmas shopping, party hosting - it all can get a little stressful. 
This way I hope to steal a few more moments for myself.
Gentle yoga by firelight, upping my veggie intake and pamper evenings with lot's of Lush baths. Sparkling mani's, festive film marathons and working my way through my to read pile. These are all on the 'me time agenda' this winter!

How do you keep warm and cheery in winter?

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