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Monday, 1 January 2018

New Year Goals 2018

1. Use less plastic. Blue Planet and Chasing Coral reaffirmed my decision to try to vastly reduce the amount of plastic I use. It breaks my heart to see reefs and marine life suffering as a result of the choices that we make.
This year, I'll be making conscious choices, starting simply - no straws (metal, paper or glass if I must!), using re-usable bags always, investing in a S'Well water bottle, and opting for naked Lush products - their shampoo bars are amazing, Honey I Washed My Hair is a firm favourite! I'll be looking into more ways I can help, and carrying them out throughout the year.

2. Stay positive! Keep a positive mindset and practice gratitude.

3. Switch up my daily sprints on the exercise bike with Yoga, and weights too.

4. Work harder. Learn. Study. Absorb.

5. - and in hand, update my desk with a comfy chair and footstool, ensuring that I take regular breaks to look out the window and to drink water.

6. Add more greenery to my home, liven up the place with fresh foliage and blooms!

7. Learn about the moon and it's phases, and how I relate to them. I'm hoping that this cute moon journal will help!

8. Organise my time. I work best to a routine (with a little flexibility), I want to schedule in me time, time to learn and time to read too!

9. Push on with the wedding planning, book a date, buy the rings, make stead-fast plans. Maybe this will be the year?!

10. Finish up a project that I'm working on. Keep on working on that which makes my heart sing!

What are your goals for 2018?

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