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Friday, 8 June 2018

A Spring Home Refresh, Prints, Cards & Peonies

windowshopgal gilmore girls
I've been adding prints and cards to brighten up my home this Spring - framing, pinning and scattering pictures to make things feel a little cosier and nice.

For now, (oh the renting woes!) my gallery wall will have to wait. But I've still been gathering ideas, collecting prints and have added a few cute finds to my wishlist (see a peek below!) so that one day I can display them over the walls of my home.

Most of my prints and cards are from independent stores - mainly Etsy and Annie Dornan Smith (my go-to's!). Also, I'm completely obsessed with Rifle paper Co, their cards and prints are so beautiful to display around the home!

I've placed a couple of Gilmore Girls prints on my office bookshelf - how pretty is the Stars Hollow print! Every time I get a glimpse of these wintery prints it makes me so incredibly happy! 
The Bobbi Pin print is from Rifle Paper co, it sits on a shelf surrounded by candles and crystals, it's such a cosy spot, one of my favourite corners.
And lastly, I'm looking to switch out this ampersand print - to place it somewhere else for a while. I might pop the winter carnival flyer over here for now, I think it would look so pretty here!

What do you think of my print and display cards set-up?

My wall art wishlist

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