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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Cosy Winter Pick Me Up's

It's so important to make time for winter wellbeing during the colder months. I always try to make it a priority, just adding a few small and simple steps to help towards keeping healthy and happy during Winter.

One Hour A Day.
Just one hour, or even 40 minutes (enough for an episode of your favourite TV series!) of indulgent, uninterrupted time for you. I take mine at lunch, popping on a Gilmore Girls, whipping up a hot chocolate Oatly and letting two of my absolute favourite things perk up my day, each and every single weekday if I can.
Other times, I snap up 30mins to an hour in the evenings, to read, knit, to do Yoga or dance around to chvrches my living room. I always, always try to find a small segment of time in an otherwise hectic wintertime schedule, just for me!

Blankets, Slippers, Fluffy socks.
My dressing gown is literally part of my daily uniform, I invested in an gorgeous M&S one a year or so ago (this is their version this year) and it was honestly the best decision! It's the softest, warmest, fluffiest robe! Also their brushed thermal leggings are incredible, a little like the Primark cosy pair, but longer lasting and so much better in quality, they're so snug, I actually just bought a second pair!
Hot water bottles, thick knits, cosy loungewear, endless teas are great too - anything you can do to keep warm in the freezing temperatures!

Candles & Fairylights
Lighting plays a big part for me in winter. After stringing up fairylights around my home, I like to spend the darker evenings watching festive films, taking long candle-lit Lush Christmas baths or painting on glittery mani's!
I opt for this Vitamin D spray to help with the shorter days too, one spritz a day truly makes all the difference!

Soups, Stews, Crumbles.
Hearty meals are a must. My freezer is always stocked up with homemade chilli (crammed with as many veggies as I can manage!), daal, and lentil and root vegetable stews.
There's a few simple steps I like to do in Winter too, like adding a sprinkle of seeds to top off my soups, on my houmous, or grating an apple into my porridge (thanks to Lyzi for this lovely tip!), or adding a spoonful of sauerkraut to the side of my lunch or dinner!
The gym has also helped to play a huge part in keeping me happy and active in winter, getting outside and exercising even a few times a week has helped immensely! Michelle's recently written a great post on her gym routine, with amazing tips to keep you motivated!

What are the little things you like to do in winter?

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