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Sunday, 6 January 2019

A January To Do List

january 2019 goals
1. Set some 2019 goals. My word for the year is Health and I want to do as much as possible this year to eat better, move/workout more and take time to meditate!

2. Fall in love with instagram again. 2018 was such a struggle for me with Instagram, I feel like it's been such a loosing battle! In 2019 I really want to post more cosy and spontaneous pics without the constant fear of loosing followers.  

3. And speaking of cosy- my flat is looking pretty empty and sad since I took the the tree and decorations down. I think a little refresh, some new bits and homely comforts are in need!

4. Drive away those January blues, take time to breathe, binge on Netflix series and for meditation and yoga too.

5. Pick up some pink tulips! My annual tradition, I always have a huge bunch to brighten up the home in January!

6. Organise. Have a sort out of my photos, food storage and a clothes clear-out!

7. Establish a good, efficient routine. Adding in new resolutions along with studying, blogging and other commitments is difficult when I'm already hard-pressed for time. I really want to establish a routine and prioritise this year.

8. Find a cute footstool. Being 4'11, a footstool is a bit of a must for me and the pile of cushions stacked to prop my feet up on isn't really cutting it anymore! Although I'm not really sure where to start! Are they meant to match your sofa colour? I'd love a dark green velevet one, like this one, but I'm not sure whether it will match my living room!

9. Treat myself to a new to do list, I love the hourly layout and pink and gold detail in this one - it's so lovely!

10. Add this cute little heart necklace to my next Asos order, it's so pretty!

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